Flexible, Efficient Architecture - Cost-effective Horizontal Scaling

Leveraging on innovative technology, Apigate is built on one code base, which makes the system inherently efficient. This flexible architecture provides cost-effective horizontal scaling with only those mission-critical modules needing to be scaled. 

Our technology is the most complete open source platform of its kind combining API management, identity management, powerful service mapping, efficient orchestration, monetization, and reporting with enterprise grade support. 

Our gateway solutions offer pre-built integration to the Hub and provides a single point of integration for MNO services. It’s designed to insulate the MNO core network from OTT networks.

Internal Gateway

Internal Gateway provides an internal API marketplace that enables innovation through rapid service creation.

External Gateway

External Gateway enables MNOs to onboard Service Providers themselves, monetize existing network assets, and manage their own API ecosystem.

Identity Gateway

Mobile Identity Gateway is a standalone solution capable of being the backbone of a fully integrated identity strategy including single sign-on, federated identity services, and more.

Internal Gateway External Gateway Mobile Identity Gateway


  • Built by telco experts on WSO2.Telco’s industry-leading modular technology
  • Developer-friendly APIs and powerful orchestration
  • Industry-standard security, authentication, entitlement, and governance
  • Mobile Connect Identity Server capabilities out of the box
  • Multiple telco APIs and legacy adaptors ready to go
  • Telco-driven roadmap addressing key growth areas, such as data and IoT
  • Horizontally scalable with cloud, on-premise, and hybrid options
  • Freely available under the Apache 2.0 Licence for testing and innovation
  • Robust commercial support agreements

Deployment option

PaaS (Cloud)

Apigate PaaS service was created to help MNOs and enterprises accelerate digital transformation and stimulate rapid ecosystem partnership and developer innovation. The service uses the same code as the dedicated solutions.

Dedicated Instance

Dedicated instance is for MNOs, enterprises or aggregators who want a dedicated cloud, on-premise or hybrid solution on on-premise instance of WSO2.Telco’s power Hub and Gateways: