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Operators are finally getting the message about 5G monetization -

At the event today at TM Forum Digital Transformation World, Apigate was featured as we strove to communicate the importance of monetization of 5G.

Conversations at Digital Transformation World 2019 indicate operators may finally be getting the memo about monetizing 5G. 

The long and short of it is that revenue per bit of data is going down the toilet and we’re rapidly approaching the point when connectivity alone becomes a loss-making exercise. This is obviously a bit of a problem if your main business model depends on making a profit from providing connectivity and brings fresh urgency to the somewhat tired buzzword that is digital transformation. 

TM Forum deciding to rebrand its event last year was a reflection of how central to telcos’ considerations this stuff is. For years it has been repeated to the point of cliché that operators need to adapt the way they do business, become more ‘agile’, fail fast, act more like a Silicon Valley startup, etc. Everyone always agrees, but then we end up having the same chat year after year. 

Blame for this can be apportioned to two main issues: technological and cultural. At the event today a company called Apigate, which reckons it’s got a major piece of the technological puzzle nailed it. Essentially it offers a platform that cuts out all the middle-men and layers of technology involved in enabling operators to sell digital products and services. 

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