Target. Reach. Monetise.

apigateMint is an end-to-end modern monetisation platform that extends your reach to find the right customer in the right place at the right time.


Data-driven acquisitions. 60% lower cost per paid user acquired.


Increase conversion, retention and reduce abandonment rate.


Channel-specific payment experience. Robust payment APIs.


Frictionless across channels. One-click enhanced security. Machine learning fraud protection.


Payment assurance. Credit elevation. Microlending.


Self-management. Contextual communications.


We believe everyone should be able to pay any way, any day. apigateAnypay is a monetisation solution that enables the choice in payments for consumers and merchants. We integrate directly with MNOs to make the process of purchasing simpler.


Block the bad guys. Reduce fraud at the source. Protection when and where you need it.


No more fakes. Verify the individual. Seamless integration into flows.


Credit NOW. Instant gratification. Payment continuity.

apigateStretch lets everyone win. This credit allowance in real-time allows a transaction to be completed, a new level in a game to be achieved or a video to have a happy ending. The customer wins, the merchant wins and the MNO wins.

How it works

In-App Subscriptions & Purchases

  • Customer lands on the in-app purchase screen and clicks ‘Buy’.
  • Customer sets payment via DCB to their MNO account.
  • Customer will receive a confirmation of purchase.
  • After purchase is completed, customer will receive a notification that the purchase is successful.

How it works

Alternative Payment for Goods and Services

  • User purchases a meal from a restaurant.
  • User selects mobile wallet as payment method.
  • Restaurant scans QR code on customer’s phone.
  • The price of the meal is deducted from the customer's mobile wallet.

How it works

Voucher Code Generation via Mobile App

  • Merchant uses Voucher API to generate voucher codes
  • Voucher codes are then distributed to the merchant’s customer base
  • The customer receives the merchant’s code via their mobile wallet.


Captivate your audience anywhere in the world with contextual, effective communication solutions.

Contextual communications

Create contextual, effective communication effortlessly via a single API.

Real-time results

Communicate to the right audience in real-time and maximise your reach.

Seamless network

Connect with anyone in the world completely hassle-free.

Global compliance

Do away with the complexities of global carriers and regulations.

How it works

Charging Summary

  • Customer completes a ride-sharing trip.
  • The ride-sharing service provider sends a charging summary via SMS for confirmation and notification upon ride completion.

How it works


  • A user logs into his/her account using a standard username and password.
  • The user receives a One-Time Password via SMS for authentication.
  • The user enters the password and logs in securely.

Omni-channel Communications

We power the next generation of digital communications experience with seamless conversations across every possible touch point, wherever customer experience matters.

Flexibility & scalability

Innovate, streamline, and scale your business with our flexible APIs for a unified customer experience.

Contextual communications

Create contextual, effective communication effortlessly across your preferred channels via a single API.

Personalised communications

Interact with your audience on the right communication channels with our custom applications and solutions.

Data analytics

Analyse and identify channel preferences through deep data insights & intelligence for optimum results.

How it works

Number Masking

  • Passenger and driver are both assigned virtual numbers.
  • Passenger calls driver's virtual number.
  • The call is routed to driver's personal number. However, driver will only be able to see passenger’s virtual number.

How it works

Online Video Consultations

  • Customer makes a video to support agent.
  • Agent can assist customer by sharing videos and diagrams to help solve problems.
  • The agent can continue to communicate via email and/or SMS if required.

How it works

E-Commerce Marketing Campaigns

  • Push your campaign promos and offers to the right audience via email.
  • Capture the ones who have not responded via well-targeted, automated SMS messages.

Identity & Authentication

Delight your customers with frictionless login, transaction and info-sharing experiences.

Security & fraud prevention

A safe, secure, and centralised system with optimum data visibility to prevent identity theft.

Personalised solutions

Deploy identity solutions in real-time for a seamless user experience across different access channels.

Increase customer loyalty

Deliver a seamless login experience and automation of data processing.

How it works

Mobile Access to Working Tools

  • User logs in via his/her mobile data.
  • Mobile ID (MSISDN) is automatically used to identify and authenticate the user.
  • The user logs in successfully, securely, and effortlessly – minus any additional authentication.
  • Powered by IPification, our Authentication API is more user friendly compared to SMS One-Time Passwords (OTP)

How it works

Account Login

  • User creates a new account used across multiple applications & devices.
  • Upon login, an authentication (via cloud) is required to grant access to user.
  • The user logs in successfully, securely, and effortlessly.

How it works

Local Service Request

  • A user’s car breaks down and calls the AA helpline.
  • The AA queries the location of the user and identifies the closest motor workshop.
  • The AA schedules an appointment according to the availability of the tow truck.
  • The user receives an SMS alert indicating the tow truck’s name, mobile number, plate number, and the estimated time and cost for reference.

How it works

Dispatch Location Tracking

  • Customer completes a purchase from an e-commerce website.
  • A location-tracking link is provided to the customer as soon as a dispatcher is assigned for delivery.
  • The merchant has an option to email and/or SMS the location-tracking link to the customer.
  • The customer is able to track the dispatcher’s location in real-time.

Data as a Service (DaaS)

We facilitate the accessibility of business-critical data and insights for our partners to increase acquisition, retention, and open up new business opportunities.

Seamless data verification

All data shared based on appropriate vetting procedures in a safe and secure manner.

Leverage MNO services

Enables customers to share information by leveraging a unified global network system.

Flexibility & control

Control, monitor, and navigate our applications and systems completely hassle-free.

Deep customer insights

Integrated data resources with informed insights for a holistic customer experience.

How it works

Balance Query

  • User streams a movie on a streaming website.
  • The app queries the user’s mobile data plan on sufficient data.
  • User receives an alert indicating current data balance with a prompt to purchase an add-on data package.
  • User is advised to purchase an add-on data package to avoid viewing disruption.

How it works

Instant Data Top-Up

  • User streams a movie on a streaming website.
  • User receives an alert indicating current data balance with a prompt to purchase an add-on data package.
  • User is advised to purchase an add-on data package to avoid viewing disruption.
  • User receives an SMS confirmation upon purchase.