Apigate at MWC Shanghai ‘19: 5G, Gaming, and Monetization as the Main Attraction

Apigate at MWC Shanghai ‘19: 5G, Gaming, and Monetization as the Main Attraction
Abdullah Muhsin, Senior Content Marketing Officer at Apigate

Last week, Apigate attended Mobile World Congress 2019 in Shanghai, Asia’s leading tech event, to get together with fellow industry leaders and discuss the future of telecoms.

As it happened

The purpose of coming to the event was to talk and meet with customers and prospects—those who know about API or are just curious about the topic. This year, MWC Shanghai pre-arranged topic tours which were led by industry experts. We participated in the Disruptive Innovation Tour where selected booths showcased new technologies reshaping businesses. 

This was a 3 consecutive day affair with a 10 mins presentation each day, where we interacted with curious visitors from mobile companies, startups, and internet companies.

The pulse of the industry

During the event, industry experts in gaming, telecoms, AR, VR, and IoT shared their thoughts about which breakthroughs will re-shape consumer experience. 

From 8K TV boxes to under-display cameras, to the very first 5G smartphone in China, we’ve had a chance to take the pulse of the telecom industry and share our views about what it takes to ensure long-term profitability for telecoms and providers alike.

The verdict is that the industry is heading towards immersive experiences powered by 5G opportunities, be it gaming, mobile purchase, or any aspect in the life of modern-day consumers. Here are the key takeaways from this year’s show.

5G facilitates new lines of business and partnerships

As anticipated, 5G was the most buzzed-about topic throughout the panel. As global operators have already started their race to exploring and seizing market opportunities that 5G brings, we’ve had a chance to see some of the key advancements.

China Telecom demoed a stunning 5G 8K+VR ultra-wide bandwidth, transmitting signals from the operators’ HQ in Beijing to display terminals at the Shanghai Expo.  Another novelty that gained traction was Lenovo’s 5G 14 inches laptop that was able to download content at the speeds of 7mbps.

But while the demos showed the power of 5G, the technology alone won’t cut it if telecoms want to ensure lasting profitability. Instead, they should tap into new lines of business, such as smart cities, industrial IoT, telehealth, media, and entertainment.

Luckily, there are plenty of opportunities for partnerships, so what telecoms and merchants should do next is seek ways to work together and combine their existing assets.

Apigate CEO predicts the future of telecoms

During the Content and Media Transformation Summit, our CEO, Zoran Vasiljev, took the stage to talk about content monetization trends, the opportunities 5G brings, and why partnerships are essential for lasting market success.

Immersive media and interactive marketing

Zoran shared his predictions about the future of marketing and content consumption. His view is that 5G connectivity will allow advertisers to attract customers through data-rich, immersive media. 

It is likely that in the near future, surfaces such as in-store walls, shop windows, or car dashboards will feature 2D overlays or 3D holograms that will be recommending products and services to potential customers and help expand the customer base.

Another defining trend for Direct Carrier Billing purchases

As mobile phones by far outnumber credit cards, it’s clear customers are leaning towards eschewing credit cards in favor of their mobile phone numbers.

Bolstered by more robust bandwidth enabled by 5G, telcos will be able to offer rich content that consumers can pay for via their mobile phone bill, ensuring that even those without access to bank accounts and credit cards have access to online and digital content.

This greater connectivity will help roll out AR solutions across industries, including gaming, healthcare, smart cities, manufacturing, and retail, bringing more immersive experiences that can be smoothly consumed via DCB. In turn, this will ensure greater customer satisfaction, which will lead to a more concrete market position for both telcos and merchants.

That’s it for this year’s show. See you next year!

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