Apigate at MWC Shanghai 2019: How you can thrive on APIs

Apigate at MWC Shanghai 2019: How you can thrive on APIs
Abdullah Muhsin, Senior Content Marketing Officer at Apigate

From 26–28 June, the Apigate team, led by our CEO Zoran Vasiljev, will attend MWC Shanghai 2019.

This event will gather thousands of industry leaders in the fields of AI, blockchain, mobility, telecoms & finance, smart cities, and leadership. It is a perfect chance to connect with industry experts and talk about digital transformation and future connectivity.

The Apigate team will take part in discussions throughout the three-day conference, sharing first-hand experiences in creating a sustainable, platform-driven business model through open APIs.

On 27 June, Apigate CEO will take the stage as part of the Content and Media Transformation Summit to weigh in on the current state of digital content consumption.

Mr. Vasiljev will address the shift in customer expectations, the need for rich, on-demand content, as well as impediments awaiting content and media creators that seek to expand into global makers. Drawing on his industry experience, our CEO will show how the cultivation of a comprehensive, API-supported ecosystem will bring together MNOs, enterprises, and content providers in meeting consumer demands.

To discover how you can stay relevant and secure profit through an open API ecosystem, stop by our booth — just schedule your meeting slot.

Our team is looking forward to talking to you.

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