ApigateGo April Roadshows

ApigateGo April Roadshows
Asyraf Suhaibi, Senior Manager Digital Marketing, ApigateGo

We had a great time at our Roadshows in April. All our participants were so inspiring and we can’t wait to see all their innovative ideas in practice. Stay tuned for our upcoming events. We’ll keep you posted.

Manila, 10 April - Manila was fantastic! The audience was different from those at our university roadshows and consisted of professionals from various industries. We all bonded on a shared interest - how to monetize mobile apps ;)

International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), 12 April - One of the most interactive audiences we have ever presented to! The ambiance was sublime and the crowd really enjoyed listening to how they could go one step further with their mobile apps. We catered to a crowd of 154 and enjoyed every minute of it!

Universiti Teknologi MARA, 10 April - This crowd was great! We had about 260 attendees from the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics. Can't wait to come back and meet up with these students again next semester!

MMU Cyberjaya, 23 April - One of the most technically astute audiences we have ever presented to! The audience was very clear about what they wanted from our product and we were able to gloss over the high-level details of the presentation and get down to the nitty gritty of APIs. With an audience of 79, it was an eventful hour!

University of Malaya, 25 April - This audience was so engaged! The 29 students in attendance were excited to learn what ApigateGo could offer them and how they could further improve their brainchildren ;) (their apps of course)! It was a great hour spent with the students and additional time after the presentation answering any and all questions they had regarding the platform and monetization in general!

Apigate, 28 April - It was an exciting day for ApigateGo as we collaborated with Google Developer Group to organize the Google Cloud Next 2019 event in KL which was held at the Axiata Tower Auditorium. Queues of people lined up to watch the ApigateGo "SmartHouse" demo before heading on to the slew of presentations in the main auditorium!

Management and Science University, 30 April & 1 May - ApigateGo was invited to attend and present at MSU's bi-annual engineering exhibition iReX. The booth was a massive success with students queueing up to watch the "SmartHouse" demo conducted by the Computer Science Interns which was presented for the first time at the event. Our resident developer evangelist was called on to give a presentation to the students in attendance on the first day of the event and they liked it so much they invited him as a speaker for the second day as well! A massive success!

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