ApigateGo Drive its Roots Deep into the Global Tech Space.

ApigateGo Drive its Roots Deep into the Global Tech Space.
Chilan Mevinda Perera, Tech Evangelist

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Working in any start-up as a first job in your career is as if god has blessed specifically you. The organization hierarchy and the job scopes are so undefined that you get to experience, address and learn material across all departments!

Finance risk poses the biggest threat to any company getting off the ground. If the logic follows, addressing this mitigates the biggest risk factor in the company. What if you're a subsidiary of an industry giant and it has promised to take care of you financially till you're mature? That was the case of Apigate with its parent company Axiata Digital Services.

Let me tell you honestly that with Apigate the career aspect of my life is a dream come true for me. I work as a Developer Evangelist for Apigate's long-tail services. It involves programming with our own services so I have a full understanding of the underlying low-level architecture, advocating it to the community to establish Apigate services as the industry standard. I also act as a mediator/translator between Apigate workforce and the developer community to facilitate effective communication.

Through a program named ApigateGo, Apigate aims to address students, entrepreneurs, small start-ups and developers - technically sound people with a heavy inclination towards disruption and innovation. Let me tell you right away that for a person who's interested in tech, let alone someone who's tech savvy, ApigateGo is hits you right in the sweet tech spot and for a dev evangelist, it's the eye-popping bomb! I mean as we speak this intern next to me working on a smart home with Alexa and location services integrated. Next skunk-works group is going to work on synchronized drone flying, a few feet away is the skunk-works team hoping to give Tesla a run for its money with Apigate's autonomous model car!

While the in-house teams are brutally innovating and disrupting the industry, our #OneTeam journey across the ASEAN region to evangelize our services. That's where our Road Show and Dev Day comes in.

Our first event was the Dev Day in Kuala Lumpur on the 7th December 2018 where our CEO, Zoran graced us with his presence and said a few words. I presented next, talk about wrecked nerves! :D All in all, we explained our business, registered developers onto our platform (the older version), had some good food and had fun filled quizzes with brilliant gifts. I also informed them of my entrepreneur journey while developing applications and monetizing on them in an API platform.


As you can see from the pics above, we had about 125 attendees from all walks of the corporate/school life. It was a motley collection of students from schools & universities, entrepreneurs, small start-up owners, solutions architects, C-level workforce and even established business owners. If I had to summarize the event in one word, "brilliant"! To add a sprinkle of justification, please go see what the attendees had to say about the event as well, here.

The next event of the ApigateGo program takes the form of a roadshow. You see a roadshow is the prerequisite for an Apigate Dev Day. We give you the necessary knowledge and give you a bit of homework (sorry kids!) if you plan to attend the Dev Day. A roadshow is aimed more at the inexperienced sort of developer to get the foundation of APIs laid. With that knowledge they'll go home, tinker around with integrating APIs to applications and come over to the Dev Day. The roadshow will teach you the basics on APIs, value, why you need to get into the API business right now, our business and platform as well as a few tips and tricks I learnt during my time developing and managing API integrated applications. Again, not to mention the gifts available for asking proper questions, answering questions on the knowledge shared (to see if you've been paying attention) and of course the big gifts for winners of the quiz!

Our first roadshow was in Shah Alam, Malaysia on the 17th January '19. With an overwhelming response of over 350 attendees including both students and lecturers, I couldn't have blessed the lecturers at Politeknik enough. You see some of them attended our Dev Day the previous month. Impressed with what we do, they invited us to address their students at the university. Ever so kindly opening their doors for us for free, they have gathered students from telecommunications studies as well as electric and electronics studies. What other students do you want when you're preaching telco services? And the electronics students fitted in because we were looking for bright minds to take on the IoT projects! Even the lecturers took the opportunity to learn more about Apigate.

The #OneTeam was happy that we managed to squeeze two roadshows in the first month of the new year and I was looking forward to this event even more than Shah Alam. You see, I saw myself and the ApigateGo team like Christopher Columbus and his crew discovering the USA. Well to be brutally honest it didn’t need discovering and neither did the Indonesian tech scene. Unlike Columbus who failed to provide a single reference to a research paper, we at Apigate did a thorough research of the tech arena de’ Indonesia. Let me tell you that at the end, the techies at ApigateGo were itching, salivating and willing to fight a bull to get there to disrupt the already disrupted. We had a turnout of 50 attendees at the first road show in Jakarta. Block71 opened their doors welcoming us foreigners into the fascinating land. The event went without a bump till we got to the end of the first session. I was inundated, my colleagues were bombarded with questions suggestions and project ideas that they have which we might be able to help with. I felt like a kid left alone in a candy store. Oh, and the candy was scrumptious! Such intelligent questions even from the youngsters were mind blowing! I had more interactions than Politeknik which exceeded the capacity 7 times over! I do understand that Politeknik was a university and you and I both know how many questions we answered when we were studying, right? But now I do realize the importance of the breath of air that puffs up the chest proudly when someone asks you a question from the material you presented. Bless my lectures, teachers and mentors! It was de-ja-vu at the end too, it was as if ApigateGo team was hit with the audit team. Just that these guys are much, much cooler :D Considering the few countries I’ve addressed with relevance to the API economy, if there was a statue for “thinking outside the box” it would have Indonesia’s face on it. I wanted Indonesia to stay true to my words. I am not a religious man, but I did find myself praying that our next event to be as amazing as this. Because with Jakarta done, the jog was to Jogjakarta.

They say have dreams but to have realistic ones. Otherwise you’ll end-up not with a passionate drive but a lethargic daydreamer. I had raised the bar for Yogjakarta, or is it Jogjakarta? This should’ve been a question I asked the Jogja lads and lasses. No matter, no matter, Jogja was indeed the biggest hit so far! I have made so many friends I could message any of them! ApigateGo was beginning to drive its roots deep into the global tech space.

I had my coffee while I was presenting, and the caffeine rush mingled with the vast array of intently listening faces, the small unplanned, but intuitive networking session we had before the presentation, remembering myself a few years back when I was listening to the API platform that I have built apps on and not forgetting the massive value the team is adding to the company, my heart was fit to burst with bliss and emotion. Another reason behind this was that the research reflected that Jogja was a city with many universities. Your usual shopping bill is half of what you’d have to spend in Jakarta reflecting the unusually high number of students living in the area. While I was trying not to get too excited for Jogja, this boosted the bar sky high. Would you believe that it was way too low for Jogja stars? Inquiries flooded the floor extending out session by an hour. Mind you the Q&A session was addressed by three in the team! People like to say that there are no stupid questions. To not question that question will be stupid. Because in my opinion there are plenty stupid things you can ask. But the way the audience quizzed the team was nothing less than very intelligent. Not just the content of the question, they wrote down what they need to ask during, organized everything into a list by priority, added the extent of their knowledge regarding the question before presenting (and some) among tough language barriers. None, I repeat, none of the questions were without a follow up. In three words “the best event” for me so far.

Bangkok guys I’m talking to you here now. Jogja has raised expectations through the roof. I’m compiling this write up after the Jogja success, on the flight back to KL. I really couldn't wait to get my hands on the keyboard to describe the hell of a roller-coaster we've just experienced! See you people soon!

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