Celebrating International Women's Day: The Women Behind Apigate

Celebrating International Women's Day: The Women Behind Apigate
Liara Ibrahim, Marketing Manager

Apigate has come a long way from its beginnings as an internal business unit of Axiata. In the last few years we have grown to become the new-breed API platform that enables businesses to transform digitally and boasting an ecosystem of over 110 operators worldwide and over 300 revenue generating merchants.

Our team is constantly working to innovate our already future-ready platform and we’re excited to celebrate International Women’s Day by letting you get to know some of the fantastic, driven, women who make Apigate possible.

Dimuthu Leelaratne– Director, Solution Engineering

I lead the Engineering Services team which works on building new and innovative solutions for the ApigateAXP platform and works closely with customers gathering their requirements to integrate to our final product. It is exciting to see how customers leverage our platform and it is used in the real world to solve problems. As our work involves with customers it essential that meet delivery goals on time and communicate clearly. 

Yumani Ranaweera - Director DevOps Support & Services

I head the TechOps at Apigate and I’m a mom to three wonderful daughters. There is lot going on at home and at work for me, but I enjoy my time every day in Apigate, contributing to the high portfolios each day.  Dealing with customers and keeping their critical systems up and running smoothly is a daily deal which turns out to be great fun thanks to our energetic team.

Thanks Apigate family for the great culture and the opportunities.

Nurelyna Husaini– Manager, Partner Onboarding Operations

I lead the technical integration between service providers and operators in Apigate. What is there not to love about working at Apigate? The lightning fast speed of growth - so fast that our minds are constantly evolving. Never a dull day, new "good" problem to solve daily. We can be mini Einstein of the day- idealize ideas the way we want it to be because we are licensed, heard and empowered.

What keeps me sane and super charged are actually the pitfalls and knowing that these lessons will turn out to be shortcuts to success. It’s the challenges that make you battle proof and ready for any battle in life.

Chamani Jayakody – Software Engineer

I love being a woman in software engineering and Apigate has offered me a ladder to climb high to achieve my career dreams.  Apigate nourishes my dreams with a support, amazing team spirit, flexible working times and the wonderful working environment it offers. Sometimes I can become somewhat stressed with the heavy work schedule, but I manage my workload smoothly with proper time management and planning. During times like these, I always listen to music and play table tennis with my colleagues. I am a girl who is always trying to achieve what I really love to achieve in career life, despite of any struggles and hard times what life brings.  Indeed, I am proud to be a woman in tech who faces challenges head on.

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