It’s time to talk about monetization of your digital transformation strategies

It’s time to talk about monetization of your digital transformation strategies
Abdullah Muhsin, Senior Content Marketing Officer at Apigate

Most enterprises consider digital transformation as vital to staying afloat in the modern internet era. Executives follow a cautiously optimistic attitude towards transforming business units into competent digital service delivery units - just to stay ahead of disruptors.

But, there’s a catch. Payment gateway technologies and trusted payment solutions are hard to come by – resulting in delaying the monetization of enterprise-grade digital strategies – and thereby disproving digital strategies as ‘economically unviable’.

However, there is a solution. The Axiata group – one of the leading telecoms groups based in Asia foresaw this exact problem years ago and have been working towards solving it. Axiata management put together a small business unit – tasked with integrating services between internal business units (also known as OpCos), to drive efficiencies and communicability between services.

The results were a resounding success. Axiata Group CIO – Anthony Rodrigo commented: "The Apigate API manager helped Axiata create an internal API market place of over 2500 APIs across multiple MNOs with a significant reduction in overall TCO and 2x speed improvement in time to market."

Due to its tremendous success, the unit was transformed into a fully-fledged business unit with the objective - to help enterprises and mobile network operators collaborate to seamlessly monetize and deliver innovative digital services across continents.

Today, Apigate offers seamless delivery and monetization of digital services via the ApigateAXP and ApigateMint platforms. They are designed to enable MNOs to connect to a host of third-party solution providers and distribute the same services to MNO subscribers.

To accelerate monetization, Apigate also offers numerous mobile payment options such as Direct Carrier Billing, operator-owned mobile wallets, and micro-credit services for digital services vendors such as game developers and music and video content developers.

Apigate takes state of the art technologies such as 5G, IoT, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence into consideration to deliver a comprehensive, robust, customizable and scalable platform architecture - to enable enterprises and MNOs deliver innovative and unique digital experiences to customers.

Apigate will be at TM Forums’ Digital Transformation World 2019 in Nice, France this year. If you are an attendee to the event too and would like to have a discussion with our senior team, please feel free to schedule a short meeting here.

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