Passport to Asia for Mobile Game Developers

Passport to Asia for Mobile Game Developers
Abdullah Muhsin , Senior Content Marketing Officer at Apigate

South East Asia boasts one of the highest mobile penetration rates in the world with over 140% mobile connectivity. In the ASEAN region, local mobile users are also found to be highly active gamers. Studies show that over 50% of total gaming revenues are generated by mobile gamers alone. Furthermore, the APAC region alone accounts for nearly 52% of global gaming revenues, and mobile friendly countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore account for nearly 99% of the region’s e-sports revenue. 

With over 140% mobile penetrations and over 50% of mobile revenues generated from mobile games; what does this spell for game developers and mobile network operators? 

Developing synergies between ASEAN MNOs and game developers 

This could mean the growth of lucrative partnerships between game developers and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). Game developers face challenges in acquiring large numbers of potential mobile gamers due to constraints such as limited market outreach, limited digital purchase options and limited knowledge of ASEAN and APAC markets.  

Heavily localized MNOs in the APAC and ASEAN regions such as Axiata and Singtel alone serve mobile connections to nearly one billion users. Game developers will do well to partner with MNOs and provide mobile users with convenient methods to purchase and engage in the newest and most exciting games.  But how exactly do game developers and MNOs work together to deliver a game to a mobile user? 

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are designed to connect MNOs and Game Developers 

To successfully implement digital services and products atop an MNOs mobile network infrastructure requires a connecting layer. This is known as an Application Programming Interface (API) platform that is designed to execute content delivery, billing and other necessary services. For this purpose, Apigate offers a new breed API ecosystem that allows game developers and MNOs to execute services and achieve rapid growth and monetization on a secure and seamless platform. 

Who is Apigate? 

A unique heritage as an internal business unit of Axiata – the second largest MNO in APAC. 

Today - servicing over 110 MNOs in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America and with connections to more than 300 revenue generating merchants and a global reach of 3.5 billion users- Apigate is a comprehensive API rich ecosystem that works to convert digitization into monetization. 

Monetization for Games 

To help service providers monetize their services, Apigate features a suite of mobile payment options such as e-wallets, Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) and custom monetization solutions for service providers and MNOs to integrate into services.  

Here’s how to Plug into the ASEAN market in five days with Apigate! 

Apigate offers a quick five-day Passport program to help you plug your game into the ASEAN gaming community. For more information about Apigate's Passport Program click here. 

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